Trio Clinic

Dental Clinic, 300 m²
Adana, Turkey, 2021
under construction

Trio is a dental clinic located in a new multi-story building of a vibrant district in the southern city Adana. It is a single floor facility lodging the multiple functions necessary in a dental clinic and more. Being designed amidst the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, it exhibits bolder design decisions and imposes firmer strategies in a health facility perception. This unprecedented health emergency initiated the design orientation of the overall space. It took the direction of precise zoning, substitute circulation, and diversified experiences. The clinic is clearly subdivided into two main zones; a public one and a rather sterile one. The former hosts the waiting lounge, secretary, lavatories and a pre-examination room. The latter being a rather highly-hygienic one, it abides the six clinic boxes, the doctors’ offices, the medico-technic rooms, the personnel lounge and lavatories, and a meeting room. This partition is conducted subtly and gradually.

The regularity of the rectangular plot pushed the design in a spiral path that sustains a continuous flow and an optimal inner-circulation. The circulation being a central concern during uncertain times, the clinic has a shortcut passage that links the entrance directly with the private zone to be used by the medical staff, in addition to the main corridor. This corridor is not perceived like an essential element that is generally kept abrupt. Conversely, in this design, it is enriched by maintaining a smooth flow through the transformation of all the potential corners into concave extremities that host versatile niches. Likewise, the structural elements are entirely camouflaged by creating niches in the voids that intrude them. These niches are given an aesthetic purpose and a functional usage such as storage or even technological features.  The users go through a number of sensory experiences while walking through this corridor. Visually, a solid/void approach is adopted with the alteration of solid walls and translucent partitions for the clinic boxes. The normal walking activity is thus elevated in Trio into a ballad-like experience.  

In this same corridor, the sterilization room is candidly exhibited as a focal component of the clinic. This display mode implicitly infers the value of high-end hygiene necessities in a clinic and the concern it is for Trio to uphold a discernibly safe environment for its patients. This delicate revelation sends a strong statement. On the same token, the waiting lounge emanates a cozy ambiance. It invites the patients with the warm allure of the dark blue space and hints of bronze fixtures and accessories. The seating however, is arranged in shrunken café-like assortments to encourage social distancing. This tactful perplexity dominates the overall space and transports the users in various quests.

As the name of the clinic divulges, Trio is the fruit of a partnership of three dentists each with a different specialty in dentistry. Nonetheless, they share more than a similar career; they are academicians and have a common interest in arts. The clinic therefore, boards three individual offices where they can efficiently and comfortably carry their research works. Whilst arts remain omnipresent through a monumental sculpture lodged in one niche, a drum set in the meeting room and various artistic installations on the walls. The identity of Trio is openly unveiled through the design of the clinic.