The Practice Beverly Hills Clinic

Dental Clinic, 195 m²
Beverly Hills, California, USA, 2022
under construction

From volumetry to materiality andcolor, the new clinic space lifts the brand into a powerful, all-encompassing premium experience. Located in the notable and historic suburb of BeverlyHills, known primarily as an affluent, upscale location within Los Angeles, California, the dental clinic aims to create a unique and memorable space. The main concern in the project brief had been the mismatch between TPBH identity& the space’s. To overcome this, the design approach has emphasized fluidity, rhythm and simplicity to a timeless space. Through the fluid, non-static design of inner walls,  a sense of flow and movement is achieved throughout the clinic. The striking combination of gray cement, mirror, metallic laminate, and navy blue creates a bold contrast that reflects the brand's high-end identity.  The design is artfully curated to create asterile, modern and sophisticated look.