The North Shield Pub

Restaurant, 200 m²
Başakşehir, Istanbul, 2021

The North Shield Pub is a prominent pub chain in Turkey that brings together customers with the authentic British-style pubs for an unparalleled gourmet drinking experience. Located in the vibrant district of Başakşehir, the pub is an outstanding attraction. As an intervention, Slash Architects were asked to elaborate an impressive design for specific zones in the outdoors of the compound. These include the side bar areas, some secluded seating arrangements and mostly functional solutions for the necessities of the pub.

The identity of the pub being extremely pronounced in every here and there, all additions were to be subtle, delicate and harmonious with the already-existing. Often, this kind of architectural interventions can be limiting yet challenging. To tenderly inlay the new spaces, the designers adopted the dominating arches of the existing design in a light manner. This is portrayed through thin metal arches ornamented by sconce street lighting elements to emphasize the outdoor effect. These visually delicate elements lodge ivy plants to reconnect with the rich green environment of the pub. On the same token, reconnecting with the existing goes through the wooden supports assigned to the arches as a unifying element with the current flooring.

In order to accentuate the British ambiance, a selection of famous portraits of drinking gentlemen is used on table tops and on some of the walls within the Slash intervention. This aims to put the customers in a coherent scene with personalities from the previous centuries in the same décor to emphasize the British-inspired experience. By the fence, a humble seating was elevated by the emblematic light metallic arches as a background. These include direct spotlight and a cozy dining area in the same degree of lightness with the other elements.