Smile Shop Dental Polyclinic

Dental Polyclinic, 220 m²
Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey, 2015
concept project

In terms of architectural design, smile shop dental polyclinic has an outstanding aesthetic. The asymmetrical panels that used in interior starting from the outer façade and flowing into interior spaces creates a sense of canyon experience. The dental polyclinic that is located in Maslak Uniq Istanbul Shopping Mall, creates a striking appearance with its unusual concept design. The interior spaces are cracked open by the circulation and the lobby which creates the perception of depth in the project. The examination rooms and sterile rooms needs of the polyclinic are located around the 3 solid walls of the space leaving the mediocre center open for easy access. This also helps to be able to read the usages of the spaces behind by the frames that are sticking out of the walls of the canyon wall. The spaces behind the panels around circulation are totally white, clean and simple which creates a strong contrast between the interior and exterior of the clinic box spaces.