Şile House

Residential, 1270 m²
Şile, Istanbul, Turkey, 2023
under construction

Located in Ovacık Village of Şile, which is in the north-east of İstanbul, the Şile House is a residential project which is designed to use as a weekend house by a family with two children. The project is a single-storey house that finds its place in a relatively green context where the built environment is not dense. Basically, it aims to be respectful the rural look yet contemporary addition to the edge of the village. Between rustic and minimal appeal, private and visible.

One of the main goals is to separate the daytime living spaces from the areas that are used at night while creating the vibe as though it was all meant to be there. With the boundaries of the land being determinant, the building was conceived as two arms. The private zone was placed on the thin L-shaped arm, and the living area was located on the shorter part which is providing a direct sense of connection with the surroundings. In addition to this, it was aimed to create an isolated guest room separated from the whole. In order to reach the main entrance at the intersection of the L-shaped arms, this path, which has a strong dialogue with the landscape, needs to be walked along with pleasure.

Within the scope of the design decisions, the building elements are intended to be clearly highlighted. The rising load-bearing wall system does not show any columns of the building; all these components come together delicately under a roof cover. Simplistic in form, calm in nature.

The refraction of the building masses and the extension of the roof coverings are designed insuch a way that the view is panoramic and daylight is maximized. On this matter, the most potential zone is the living area and terrace as seen in the visual. All these techtonic movements are for creating collective living atmosphere!

When it comes to the material, it can be said that Şile House is designed carefully to walk hand in hand with the material selection by creating a contrast between stone of masonry wall and metallic look of secondary choices. So, the structural elements are intended to be rough and irregular, while the details have a minimal and flat design language. The stone texture and muted color palette were chosen to echo the traditional building material that is used in local buildings, while the tectonic movements of the structure give the entire a contemporary feel. Thus, it brings the living space providing a direct sense of connection with the context an architectural character.