Noa Clinic

Dental Clinic, 530 m²
Ankara, Turkey, 2021
under construction

Noa Clinic is a dental clinic located in a vibrant district in Ankara. The facility lodges in two duplex flats combined to host the clinic in a newly built high-rise building. Architecturally, this building is a challenge in itself as it may result in incoherent design if not regarded. Noa clinic’s landing floor consists of both an indoor and outdoor waiting lounges, a dental-hygiene room, medico-technic spaces, two treatment rooms, two terraces and a couple of lavatories. The upper floor lodges a pedodontics and regular treatment rooms, two doctor’s offices with the necessary leisure functions, a service hall, a kitchen, a storage, a tech-room, a couple of lavatories and four terrace parcels that encircle the layout.

The plot being a carved half circle, the layout hasn’t been dominated by such a strong geometry since two terrace parcels have been sliced out of the whole surface. These right-angled new boundaries in addition to the staircase have subtly forced the functional zoning that assigns spaces requiring direct daylight like treatment rooms by the main façade, connecting them to the terrace parcels. This delicate union offers the users a friendly and holistic atmosphere through the formation of the indoor/outdoor balance. In service of the zen ambiance, greenery is added to the terraces and a joyful ecosystem is thus created.

The circular shape of the building being a part of the identity of the clinic has been used implicitly to accentuate this bold geometry. The corridor is therefore transformed into an orbit around the iconic staircase and other secondary facilities, and the floor print of the other spaces is adjusted accordingly. Despite the clinic’s angles being entirely acute, the language of the interiors tells a different story. From linear lighting to furniture, all is used to convince this user of this circular illusion. This illusion gives translates to fluidity, new-age spaces, and practicality.  

The focal point of the clinic being the gallery void, it creates a majestic space destined to the waiting. Making benefit out of it, this atrium features art pieces that animate and elevate this space on a double height. This highly architectural setting is reinforced by the already-existing arches that add monumentality to the practice. Such valuable elements are indeed preserved throughout the design to confirm the exalted identity of Noa.

Intended to aid patients get rid of the classic hospital anxiety, Noa Clinic’s design considers all possibilities to transmit this effect. Colors to start with, have been carefully selected to boost the calming effect of the practice. Dark green and beige tones are the main colors used in the clinic offering it a glorious identity. The general materiality of the facility is oriented in the same direction as well. A clinic of this size and prominence aim to put the patient in the center of interest. Every course of action has been anticipated and met with remarkable and valorizing solutions.