Elissa Studio Store

Fashion Concept Store, 120m²
Bomonti, İstanbul, Turkey, 2023
under construction

Elissa Studio which is a fresh brand of the company whose three previous projects we have completed together before, is an 120sqm interior project located in high-spirited district of Bomonti, İstanbul. Unlike other projects, it is aimed to show another face of the company and search for brand-new conceptual interfaces. As a result of design process, a bold-colored identity appears itself in a home-like outlook.

The plan layout is organized according to the idea of multi-functional space organization such as meeting/co-working space, lounge and display area. It is intended to use the space as a whole without any physical seperation between each zone. Thus, the challenge of solving sections all together allowedus to create a multi-purposed, yet compact space. One of the other challenges of the building was the irregular facade openings. After an intense brain-storming session, the idea of creating a new interior skin which does not prevent the sunlight is considered so that the display area is resolved in the niches. These are occured through this shell and the other functions are spatialized in an open space system. One of these open spaces is meeting area which can set up as the co-working area for the designers and as a podium for the clients at the same time. By picking fusional design approaches, it is attempted to create an iconic and experience-based design language that also respond to every need.

Instead of over-designed space approaches, design language which allows users to be able to add something to spatial organisation overtime is taken into consideration. In order to strengthen this, an eclectic approachis adopted. All the objects and accessories are selected in a rustic line so that sense of having lived is succesfully obtained.

The cozy lounge area warmly welcomes the guests of the fashion showroom as soon as they enter. Because of the goal of underlining the characteristic features and holistic perception of the space, the decision to protect the current ceiling setup is deliberately made. With a single but striking move, the dynamic and iconic cinnamon color refers to the brand’s new identity. Not only creating contrast but also balancing, the new interior skin is kept neutral so that products can be consistently highlighted. On the otherhand, the eclectic ambiance is supported by fitted preferences such as colored cement painting, metal sheets, transparent plexi-glass surfaces, oldish wood and concrete texture solved all together in a curvy design language. Last but not least, new-age and digital-look products are preferred as lighting and graphic elements.