D House

Housing, Interior, 375 m²
Bodrum, Turkey, 2015

The house in Bodrum Mandarin Oriental Residences consists of 4 rooms and a living space of 375 m², with 500 m² of exterior space. The house’s interior is designed in harmony with colors and textures of the existing Mandarin Complex; by maintaining the masculine colors and natural materials. Designing the house, we have considered the tendencies of Bodrum living by integrating the interior and exterior and creating a holistic approach. Integrating every quarter of the interior is created by locating the dining table and outdoor lounge furniture in relation to the interior spaces. The minimalistic approach and coziness that you can experience in the interior is also expanding to the exterior by the choice of furniture. The project aims to develop different quarters with variety of themes within themselves, maintaining the general design attitude.

As we enter the building; we are welcomed by a waiting table that has a lit up bonsai tree behind. The dominant wall that is cladded by Titanium Black Marble directs us to one of the most interesting parts of the interior, the reading corner. The reading corner is composed of two armchairs and two coffee tables creating a cozy environment. The marble wall is joined with the drinks closet that is designed alongside the existing bare wall of the kitchen; animating the kitchen with a variety of different ways of exhibiting the glasses and the bottles within.