Cinik Esthetic Clinic

Esthetics Clinic , 170 m²
Nişantaşı, Istanbul, Turkey, 2022

Cinik Clinic is an aesthetic and beauty center located on the main artery of vibrant Nişantaşı district, renowned for its stylish venues and luxury stores. Upon entrance, the visitors are welcomed at an info-desk. The lounge, located beyond the information desk, serves as a space for visitors to relax and prepare for their consultation. The pre-interview room, where the consultations take place, is accessible from the waiting room. Beyond the entrance, the corridor leads to the various service areas and three fully equipped operating rooms.

In order to shift from the classic residential apartment typology and to a clear public space typology that instills confidence in clients, the interior design of the clinic takes a unique approach by concealing the building's structural elements such as beams and columns inside the walls. The result is a sterile, yet welcoming environment that is accentuated by the use of natural materials and assertive tonal contrast created by harmonious colors. The concept is recreated on another layer through the use of art objects, plants, and graphic writings strategically placed throughout the space. In the process of receiving esthetic enhancement that starts with consulting the clinic, the client's trust in the process is influenced by their perception of the clinic's spatial environment. This project emphasizes elegance and simplicity through the use of earth tones, with the aim of fostering a sense of peace and trust in the minds of clients.

We believe in therapeutic qualities of art and that beauty stems from wellness. The design of the clinic is intentional in creating a harmonious flow between different functional spaces. The aim is to create a clinic that feels welcoming, clean and uncluttered. To achieve this goal, we use minimal design elements and prioritize transparency, as is appropriate for a healthcare setting. By focusing on the principles of simplicity and functionality, we believe that the clinic fosters a sense of calm and wellness for its users.

The clinic building boasts a recognizable facade with its wide openings, which provide ample natural light and air inside. The asymmetrical appearance at the interiors, caused by the projecting parts and protrusions is harmoniously balanced through the use of recessing on walls that makes a clear distinction between places that are meant for clients and rooms that are for staff only.The smooth edges inside the building reinforce the sterile feeling, while also creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The seamless transition between the floor, wall and ceiling, combined with hidden lighting, gives the illusion of a larger and richer space. The use of perspective tricks triggers curiosity and keeps the users engaged. The effect created by the use of different materials and colors on the floor compliments the overall interior dynamism and gracefully directs the users to different spaces based on their intended functions.

The abstracts culptures situated in various areas within the space serve as visual manifestations of the therapeutic nature of art. The sculptures that carry the lightings in the lounge not only evoke inspiration in visitors and staff, but also provide a glimpse of the clinic’s vibe to those outside. In the pre-interview room, a collection of half-face figurines, all bearing a unique expression, is arranged to symbolize the diversity of moods in life and the unity among them. In the operating room, a partially visible feminine form intertwined with the wall emphasizes the intangible aspects of beauty.

In the lounge area, the use of earth tones in the color palette, particularly the tonal contrast between beige and brown, cultivates a tranquil Zen atmosphere. The mirrors in this area aim to reflect the internal changes that can occur more clearly in a process where the person's external appearance undergoes change. By positioning them at various angles, the viewers are confronted the with thesights of themselves from different perspectives, which symbolizes the encounters of the inner journey of self-awareness.

The interior design of the aesthetic clinic effectively blends the healing power of art, the principles of Zen, the essence of beauty, and the transformative nature of the art into a cohesive space. The art pieces selected for the space are a reflection of this theme, carefully curated to evoke feelings of calm and tranquility. The use of soft neutral tones and strong tonal contrasts elevates the harmonious aesthetic that prioritizes client comfort and peace. The interior design elegantly captures the journey of physical change and beautification, reflecting the inner discoveries that come with it. This project is a testament to the significant impact that well-thought-out design can have in shaping the atmosphere of a space, and the experience of those within it.