Çanakkale War Research Center

War Research Center, 3000 m²
Çanakkale, Turkey, 2015

Honorable mention prize, in collaboration with: Abdurrahman Çekim, Serhat Başdoğan

The research center that is designed for the competition has aimed to feature empiric reflection of the memory of war with a sentimental touch rather than questioning the physical or spatial discussions. The building focuses on its own collective existence in the memory and perception of the visitors by keeping in mind the expected functionalities of a research center. The mass is formed by violation of an artificial and physical prism. It gives the sensation as if it is waiting to be put together. The abstraction aims to trail a sensation of unexpected fragmentation. This impact is created by contrast of light and darkness composition. The projects objective is to glare by enlightening the phenomenon of war. The structure of the building comes within the breakage of the building by strengthening its existence where the beams and floors bend into each other and become one unique mass.