Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu Clinic 02

Dental Clinic, 125 m²
Istanbul, Turkey, 2021

Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu Clinic 02 is an interesting example of extension facilities. It is an annex to the newly-realized Estetik Polyclinic of the renowned dentist Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu, located in the fancy Zorlu Center of Istanbul. This prestigious location inspires an outstanding environment for this signature clinic. The clinic nevertheless comes as an addendum. Typically, an extension work implies a duplication of the design attitudes of the prior realization. However, in this instance Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu Clinic 02 elevates its precedent in an even bolder design attitude and challenges all pre-requisites of dental clinics. The design is an immaculate composition work of various elements for the service of the main concept; timelessness. The clinic’s main ambiance is a theatrical striking trip to the future. The flat 125 sqm of the clinic lodge three clinic boxes, lavatories, medico-technic rooms and a VIP waiting lounge. 

Being of a trapezoid shape, the plot does not demonstrate a lot of potential for ingenious geometrical use. Instead, the design team addresses the program in a far extremist approach by actively incorporating technology in the design. The novel approach for a smart and flat design is assigned to the clinic. All compositional elements are orchestrated to operate in a flat manner, excluding any juxtaposition to avoid unnecessary waste of space and material.  The classic, frightening visit to the dentist is uplifted to a whole other level into a timeless sensory experience. Once past the entrance, the user is enveloped in a fully experimental corridor that is used entirely, for the sake of the design. On one side, interactive walls that sense motion and project light upon movement following the user as a technological shade are implemented. On the other, interactive informational screens are installed to entertain and update the patients on relevant topics to their visit. The experience is enhanced with an infinite ceiling and in-ground carved linear lights to guide the patients. At the same time, this atypical corridor links all the spaces of the clinic. In the clinic boxes, digital screens are installed to get the patient more involved in the process of the treatment. 

Physically, two key elements back the design as they basically orient the clinic in the “New Age” direction. These are principally light, and metal nets or white glass. Intense usage of light is altogether compulsory as the clinic possesses only one façade for daylight acquisition. Therefore, long, linear Led light strips animate the whole clinic. They also serve as delimiting elements to distinguish the different masses of the clinic. Light is omnipresent in the design language of the facility and it walks hand in hand with the usage of fillets. These mesh-like nets emanate a futuristic aspect in general, and are used in several sizes, shapes for several purposes. They allow the lights to pass through them and thus enhance the transparence of the clinic. 

In pursuance of cohesiveness, the design expression is maintained through the dominance of white; being a protagonist of the original clinic’s color palette. White in healthcare architecture refers to hygiene and formality, and its presence is almost unarguably de rigueur. Likewise, Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu Clinic’s design exhibits a rather audacious unanimity use of white. The clinic’s architecture gives the patients and personnel alike an outstanding experience on a daily basis, and grants the facility a remarkable identity.