Apex Clinic

Dental Clinic, 500 m²
Denizli, Turkey, 2021
under construction

Apex Clinic is a dental clinic located in the south-western city of Turkey; Denizli. Apex is a two-floor practice with an independent entrance at the ground floor that welcomes the patients in a relaxed environment with a well-defined reception desk that stands out with attitude. In the ground floor are located the various waiting areas, two treatment rooms, a surgery room, medico-technic rooms, a photo studio, and a pair of lavatories. The upper floor lodges another lounge, two treatment rooms, a meeting room, an office, two medico-technic rooms, a staff lounge and changing rooms.

The design of Apex being a typical rectangular plot, it poured naturally out of a functional zoning that gave more freedom to the architects as to diversify textures, volumes, and even colors. In multiple story facilities, it is always preferable to connect the two floors in an apparent manner. In Apex, this link is created with an atrium by the left side of the entrance which brings out the glorious VIP clinic rooms on the upper floor and emphasizes the new-age technological waiting area. As a matter of fact, the waiting experience is elevated in the clinic by being totally various. The more active waiting section of the clinic is at the front with the screens and iPad setup that drastically shrink the waiting time with the informative content they display as well as the entertaining options these offer.

It is undeniable that the waiting is an inevitable experience patients go through despite the high-end organization of the secretarial systems. As often, it involves accompanying members of the family or friends. As a gesture, the clinic owners wanted to give it an extra emphasis. The architects therefore envisioned multiple ways to incorporate this request in the design. One way was to delimit these spaces by varying the atmospheres and seating arrangements of these. On the ground floor, the waiting area occupies around one third of the area in three different zones and is mainly in greyish tones that calm the spirits. Including the photo studio area that is, in Apex, entirely showcased in a dramatic light-blush colored zone featuring spotlighted personal photography options for the patients in what is called an Instagram wall.

The treatment rooms are granted a considerably vaster space than the average treatment rooms in the other clinics. These, too, are in a continuity of the overall design language and are located on the facades of the building. The operation rooms are entirely equipped with the Slash Furniture’s multiple series cabinets that remarkably enhance the spaces and lift them up. The treatment rooms are also empowered by a clear -within-zoning that subtly marries the treatment zone and consultation zone with a delicate contrast. This contrast is highlighted by an asymmetric linear lighting system that expands on both ceiling and wall as if it knits the space with glowing lines. The lighting design of the clinic is indeed diverse yet harmonious. It is mainly composed of linear elements that impose order and rigor, and scattered spots that express the opposite. This generous mixture in lights extends to the upper level’s waiting lounge and ornaments it with a large halo lighting fixture that proudly crowns the distinguished light-blush colored space.

The unparalleled interest in arts of the owners inspired the designers to completely assign bold spaces to exhibit art in various forms. One way to exhibit this interest is by creating art niches in multiple areas of the clinic for sculptures and paintings. Another way is by including a cautiously-thought graphic work that embodies mottos and notes-to-self written in different places. These intend to create inner conversations with patients while walking through the corridor and facing the full-height mirror that stands out to enlarge the space with a dominant writing that speaks loud to the passers. Additionally, the iconic metallic stair cage is adorned with these spontaneous short messages in a never-ending bond with the patients.